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New Ccaa Wire

Model: CCAA
Diameter: 0.08mm~3mm
Capacity:300 tons/m
Standard: JBT 11867-2014
  • Description
Copper Clad Aluminum Alloy wire (CCAA) is a kind of bimetallic wire by covering copper on the surface of aluminum alloy rod. CCAA has high tensile strength same as CCAM wire, and high conductivity same as CCA wire . CCAA wire can be processed same as pure copper wire.
Compared to Copper wire
1. Small density, light weight
2. No brittleness under low temperature, good creepage resistant
Compared to CCAM wire
1. Higher conductivity;
2. No electrochemical corrosion (oxidation).corrosion will lead to wire breaking
Compared to CCA wire
1.Higher tensile strength
2.Good flexibility
3.Good Solderability
Characteristics Comparison
Material Copper Content by volume Model Elongation(%) Tensile Strength(Mpa) Resistivity(Ω.mm2/m) Conductivity(%) Density(g/cm3) Length(M/kg) Compressive Creep Resistance(%)
Copper Wire / TR0.110 16-21 235-241 ≤0.017241  100     Excellent
CCS Wire / CCS0.110 2020/12/19 497-507 ≤0.041000 42     Bad
CCA Wire 15A CCA0.110 2020/5/12 150-155 ≤0.026760 64     Bad
CCAM Wire 15A CCAM0.110 2020/8/13 198-211 ≤0.032000 53     Bad
CCAA Wire 15A CCAA0.110 2020/10/14 195-205 ≤0.026500 65 ≥3.63 28988 Good

Technical Data
Description Copper Content in Mass(%) Aluminum Content(%) Norminal Diameter(MM) Tolerance(MM) Elongation(%) Tensile Strength(Mpa) Resistivity(Ω.mm2/M) Conductivity(%) Density(g/cm3)
CCAA-15A 37%-40% 63%-60% 0.080≤d≤0.100 ±0.003 ≥9 ≥172 ≤0.0270 ≥64 ≥3.63 
0.100<d≤0.120 ≥10 ≥172
0.120<d≤0.140 ≥10 ≥172
0.140<d≤0.200 ≥10 ≥172
0.200<d≤0.400 ±0.005 ≥12 ≥160
0.400<d≤0.600 ≥13 ≥150
1.Inner conductor material of Low voltage power cable, communication &signal cable
2.Parallel double cores line conductor telephone communication
3.Computer local network, network cable, network line
4.Braiding wire of signal cable and LV &MV power cable
5.Medical equipment & connection conductor material
6.RF cable inner conductor & shielding
7.Enameled magnet wires
8.Car locomotive private sidings
Braid Shielding
Braid Shielding
Wireless Charging Coils
Wireless Charging Coils
Power Cable
Power Cable
Process Flow
New Ccaa Wire
Bobbin Option
New Ccaa Wire
New Ccaa Wire
New Ccaa Wire
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