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Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Model: CCA
Capacity:500 tons/m
Standard: GBT 29197-2012 ASTM B566-04A
  • Description
Copper Clad Aluminum is an electrical conductor which has an outer sleeve of copper metallurgically bonded to a solid aluminum core. The combination of these two metals make it uniquely suited to many electrical applications
Compared to copper conductors:
Higher Flexibility due to lower elastic modulus
63% material weight reduction due to lower specific gravity of CCA over regular copper
Compared to aluminum conductors:
Better corrosion resistance than aluminum due to copper layer
Lower resistance due to high electric conductivity of copper
Better Solderability
Higher strength than aluminum
Technical Data Comparison
Specification Copper in volume(%) Copper in mass(%) Length comparison Density(g/cm3) Max.DC resistivityΩ.mm2/m(20℃) Conductivity(%IACS)Min
CCA-10% Copper volume 8~12 27 2.65:1 3.32 0.02743 63
CCA-15% Copper volume 13-17 37 2.45:1 3.63 0.02676 65
Copper wire 100 100 1:01:00 8.89 0.017241 100

Characteristics of CCA wire
Characteristics of CCA wire
Copper Clad Aluminum Wire
In high frequency signal transmission field, it is applied to:
Standard Material of Conductor in CATV Coaxial Cable;
50 Ohm Radio Frequency Aerial;
Leaky Cable;
Soft Coaxial Radio Frequency Cable;
Data Cable
In power transmission field, it can be applied to:
Stranded wire;
Power Cable;
Control Cable;
automotive cable;
Building distribution wire;
Radio Frequency shielding;
In special electromagnetic wire, it can be applied to:
Coils in motor and fans, mahjong machine, Loudspeakers
Voice coils (e.g. in Headphone, Headset, …)
Process Flow
Copper Clad Aluminum Wire
Shipping & Packing
Copper Clad Aluminum Wire


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